SCSBC 18th Annual Leadership Conference

Saturday, November 4, 2017


 Registration Fees

SCSBC Members $65 + GST
Non-members $275 + GST
Included are the plenary, coffee break, featured workshop, lunch, SCSBC AGM and an afternoon workshop.

Deadline to Register
October 30, 2017


Conference Location

Surrey Christian School,
Secondary Campus
15353 92 Avenue, Surrey, BC

Leadership Conference

for Christian School Boards and Administrators

Empowering Leaders

You are invited to join Christian school leadership teams from all across British Columbia and beyond for our 18th annual SCSBC Leadership Conference. This conference is hosted as part of the SCSBC effort to enhance and equip leaders at the board and administration level for leadership in our Christian schools.

Our theme this year is Empowering Leaders. Keynote speaker, Zach Clark, founder of Development & Leadership Coaching, will challenge administrators and board members to understand and embrace their key role in capital development and fundraising.  Our sexual orientation gender identity panel presentation will enhance understanding of these topics and provide guidance for community engagement and policy development.  The SCSBC annual general meeting will provide an opportunity to review our new strategic plan, and the afternoon workshop sessions will provide a variety of interesting options to enhance leadership capacity.

Our goal for this conference is that you will be empowered in your role as leaders. Whatever area of Christian school leadership you serve in – administrator, board member, committee member, staff – come prepared to have your leadership vision confirmed, your skills refined and your hope re-kindled.


8:00 am
Coffee and Registration

8:30 -10:15
Welcome and Devotions
Plenary with Zach Clark

10:15 -10:45
Coffee Break

10:45 -12:00
Featured Workshop

12:15 -1:30
Lunch and AGM

1:30 -3:00


Divinely Empowered: How to Unleash Hidden Leadership Capacity Within Your Christian School

Christian school leaders are called upon to see and shape the future. But, our goals and plans for the future often take the form of a challenging mountain of work. Potential students will be reached through marketing to enroll. A community of parents and alumni will be shaped through communication and experiences. New programs and projects will be funded through effective fundraising. And yet, so much seems to depend on limited time, energy, people, and resources.

Zach Clark will be your guide through an in-depth learning experience to discover how your advancement and development approach can be the strategic force that drives you forward toward your vision.

Using a down-to-earth teaching style, Zach will help you raise your sights to greater levels of effectiveness in your development efforts. He will provide practical examples and steps you can take to grow significant momentum toward your goals. If you bring an open mind and a listening ear, Zach will help you unleash the hidden power of administrators and board members working together to achieve extraordinary results as they present a unified God-given vision for your Christian school.

divine power

Zach Clark


Building on years of experience in seeing God do impossible things for faith-based organizations, Zach Clark has a big vision to see Christian organizations raise one hundred billion cumulative dollars, fully funding them to fulfill their God-given visions in this generation. Living out this passion led to the launch of Development & Leadership Coaching, a non-traditional service approach helping leaders grow and build a culture of generosity.

Beginning at twenty years of age, Zach’s expertise and skills were honed as a development and leadership consultant serving hundreds of Christian schools, churches, and non-profit ministry organizations around the country. His experience in working with non-profit ministry boards and leaders enables him to have a broad and deep perspective on the strategies and up-to-date tactics required to be constantly improving and developing organizations.

From 2006-2013, Zach served as Director of Advancement at Westminster Christian Academy, one of our nation’s largest independent Christian schools, serving 990 students in grades 7-12, located in St. Louis. He built and supported a highly effective team, and was responsible for providing leadership to the overall advancement efforts of the school, including giving, communications, community and alumni relations, strategic plan implementation, and a $70 million campus plan to support the vision and mission of Westminster.

Zach has a dynamic and energetic teaching style that makes him a much sought-after public speaker. He was among the very first members of the John Maxwell Team, the world’s leading leadership development organization, and is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker.

In 2013, Zach founded Development & Leadership Coaching LLC, a ministry-based company focused on serving leaders of faith-based non-profit organizations who need to grow significant philanthropic giving and organizational capacity. Beginning with one client in January 2013, the company has now served over 100 organizations across North America, most with annual operating budgets of less than $1 million. Leaders served through One-to-One Coaching services provided by the company have raised over $60,000,000 in additional philanthropic giving from 2013-2016, with an average success of more than $200,000 in additional generous giving in their first year of coaching.

Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Panel 

Panel members – a school administrator, a therapist and two students – will share stories related to the topics of sexual orientation and gender identity in Christian schools. Participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions to engage the panelists. Participants will increase their understanding of the relevance and importance of these topics in our schools and leave better equipped to lead their communities in policy development.

Richard SomersetRichard Somerset

Richard is an experienced psychotherapist and management consultant assisting both individuals and corporations in leadership, personal and organizational change. He has over two decades of experience creating the conditions for individuals to create meaningful change. His personal journey of healing from abandonment, early childhood trauma, addiction and the loss of a child enables him to create an understanding and supportive space for all individuals to move towards a healthier future.

Dave Loewen 2017-gsDavid Loewen

David is the superintendent at Surrey Christian School, a multi-denominational, multi-ethnic community of families that represents a broad range of the socio-economic spectrum. His staff and faculty also represent a broad range of denominational backgrounds and he believes this makes the community deeper and richer  as they bring those perspectives to their collective work of building the Kingdom. David holds a PhD in Educational Leadership and Organizational Theory.

MeganMegan Huizing

Megan is a graduate of Abbotsford Christian School and Trinity Western University. Her life has been consistently nurtured and shaped by her immersion in Christian education and faith community. After several internally tumultuous years, Megan first came out as gay in 2012 and has continued on a journey of reconciling faith and sexuality. She currently works as a Registered Nurse in general Pediatrics at Royal Columbian Hospital and in Child and Adolescent Mental Health at BC Children’s Hospital.

sarah-gsSarah Chernoff

Sarah came out as gay when she was in 9th grade. She graduated from her Christian high school last year and is planning to get her ECE (Early Childhood Education) in January.



Sustaining Independent Schools in Challenging Times

Peter Froese, Executive Director of the Federation of Independent Schools in British Columbia

There has been a change in government in British Columbia and that always causes anxiety for many independent school authorities.  They wonder if the funding will be sustained or if the gay rights agenda will be imposed on faith-based schools. What is a school authority to do? This session will focus on five important characteristics that successful independent schools consistently model, which enable them to excel in a challenging or changing environment.


Insurance and Risk Management – the Board’s Responsibilities

by Tracey Yan and Sean Graham

Where does the concept of director’s liability come from? What are the board’s responsibilities when it comes to risk management and insurance? And what are the types of insurance coverage our school should have in place? This workshop will provide board members and administrators with the concepts necessary to have an intelligent conversation about these issues around the board table. In an increasingly litigious society, where privacy and cyber security breaches have become real risks, knowledgeable board members can help ensure your school is better prepared for the issues that may arise and that its financial assets and reputation are protected.

 Canadian CSI Pension Plan

by Howard Van Mersbergen

The Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions sees Target-Benefit retirement plans as the best model for the future. In this workshop we will examine how the CSI Pension Plan, which is a Target-Benefit plan, provides cost efficiencies and minimizes retirement risks for schools and employees.


Rediscovering a Christian Imagination

by Dan Fennell

The biblical telos, for which creation was made and towards which all history is moving – “all things new in Christ” – requires of Christian leaders to rediscover Christian imagination. We can’t trust our eyes if our imagination is out of focus. Faith is an act of imagination: imaging realities perceived through reflective faith and inviting us to a biblical hope for a reality that contradicts our experience. Such imagination helps us to believe and embody the gospel of Christ in our day. This seminar is for leaders who sense the need to re-imagine education: vision, mission, staff, students, parents. Who or what might you need to re-imagine?


Board Governance 101

by Ed Noot, Executive Director of the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia

New to your Christian school board? This workshop will define your key roles and responsibilities empowering you to understand effective governance and to avoid pitfalls that so often derail school boards. You’ll leave this workshop with the confidence to contribute around the board table.

Flourishing Teachers, Thriving Schools

by Tricia Stobbe, Executive Director of the Christian Educators of BC

Organizational health is a major contributor to school growth. When staff are thriving, schools flourish. So how do you measure organizational health? What does a thriving staff look like? One important indicator of organizational health is how engaged your employees are. This workshop will examine four levels of organizational health: toxic, critical, healthy, and flourishing. It will explore how focusing on staff engagement can contribute to employee health and school growth, and how the work of Christian Educators of BC can assist you in recognizing your school’s level of organizational health, and helping employees become more engaged. This workshop is for leaders and employers who are responsible for attracting and retaining staff and maintaining a healthy staff culture so their school is ready and able to take risks and implement innovative new practices within the BC education system, and ultimately, flourish as a Christian school.

Self Leadership: How to Lead the Most Difficult Person in Your Life

by Zach Clark, Founder of Development and Leadership Coaching LLC

Today’s culture is creating a generation of leaders who feel victimized by the rapid rise of expectations, technological shifts, and the speed of change. In a world of such complex challenges, leaders are being called upon to bring a new level of clarity, simplicity, and order to the chaos. In the midst of so many variables, how can you provide steady, authentic, and healthy leadership?

In this workshop, we will explore proven and practical methods for managing yourself and what you can do to shape a culture of healthy leadership in your Christian school. You will be equipped with doable methods for leading through the seasons of overwhelm and anxiety that often exist in today’s organizations. Additionally, you will walk away with a clearer understanding of how you can focus on the measurable goals and results that move your Christian school forward without losing yourself and others along the way


Dan Fennell

Dan FennellDan is a graduate in Education (Flinders University, South Australia) and Theology (Ridley College, Melbourne, Victoria) and (London School of Theology), through whom he recently completed a Masters in Integrative Theology. After teaching in South Australian government and private schools, since 1998 he has served as Biblical Foundations Coordinator across five campuses of the Sekolah Pelita Harapan Education Foundation in Jakarta Indonesia, and as preaching pastor at Jakarta International Christian Fellowship – a 1000-strong, multi-ethnic community with extensive outreach ministries to the local poor and refugees.

Peter FroesePeter Froese

Peter has been involved in public and independent school education for over thirty years. He began his career in public schools in BC where he was employed as a teacher, vice-principal, and principal in the Richmond and Abbotsford School Districts. Peter was the Superintendent of Mennonite Educational Institute in Abbotsford for 13 years, prior to being appointed the Executive Director of the Federation of Independent School Associations in British Columbia in 2010. FISA has a voluntary membership of over 300 independent schools, representing 94% of the 83,000 students attending independent schools in BC. Peter is active on provincial advisory groups, the advisory board for City University in Vancouver, is vice-chair of the BC Council for International Education and serves on the board of elders of Culloden Church in South Vancouver.

 Sean GrahamSean Graham

Insurance is simply a tool toward achieving assurance that when the uncontrollable happens, your institution is prepared and covered. As a Client Executive with CMW Insurance, Sean’s goal is to be a trusted risk advisor. He works with each client to create a risk management plan and insurance program tailored to address their specific risks and support their operations and objectives. In twenty years of consulting experience with social impact organizations of all sizes, he has a long track record of creating lasting relationships through innovative and collaborative solutions, and is dedicated to providing institutions with simple, effective and economical solutions. His service is based on in-depth personal knowledge of the core motivations and concerns among today’s private education leaders.

bio-Ed-NootEd Noot

Ed passionately believes that Christian education is as relevant and necessary today as it ever has been, and it brings him great joy to serve in an organization that seeks to help Christian schools flourish. Ed has spent his entire career in SCSBC member schools working as in various roles as teacher, vice principal, principal and superintendent. He has embraced opportunities to participate in school inspection and policy development work for the BC Ministry of Education both in BC and internationally. He has served on the boards of The King’s University, The Christian Teachers Association of BC, The Christian Principals Association of BC, The Federation of Independent Schools Associations of BC, Christian Schools Canada and Christian Schools International. Ed began his service as the executive director of SCSBC in August, 2014. As well as being responsible for the organization as a whole, his duties focus on leadership, governance, policy development, and interfacing with associated organizations such as Federation of Independent School Associations, Christian Schools Canada, Christian Schools International.

Tricia StobbeTricia Stobbe

After graduating from Trinity Western University, Tricia began her teaching career as an educational assistant. She then returned to Simon Fraser University to obtain her teaching certification. Her first classroom teaching role was with the Abbotsford Public School District. While raising her three sons, Tricia obtained her Master of Education from the University of British Columbia. The majority of Tricia’s educational career has been teaching and volunteering at White Rock Christian Academy, serving as board member and chair for six years, and later, as assistant principal. She has been the Executive Director with Christian Educators of BC since 2015. Tricia, her husband and children reside in White Rock, BC. She serves at Village church, enjoys reading, learning, and being active with her family, including skiing in the winter and wake surfing in the summer.

Howard Van MersbergenHoward Van Mersbergen

Howard is the Vice President of Employee Benefits at Christian Schools International. Howard’s responsibilities include working with the Canada and US Employee Benefit Trustee boards in providing health and retirement programs for CSI member schools. He is involved with the design, administration and communication of the plans and the investment of plan assets. A graduate of Dordt College he holds certification as a Certified Investment Management Analyst and Certified Employee Benefit Specialist.

Tracey YanTracey Yan

As SCSBC’s Director of Finance, Tracey’s responsibilities include consulting with schools on financial management issues, producing benchmarking reports for member schools, administering financial health reviews, providing support for the SCSBC School Budget Template and support and review of the SCSBC Framework for the Issuance of Charitable Tax Receipts, and facilitating conferences and discussion groups for school business personnel. Tracey brings a varied background of experience to her role with SCSBC schools – former student, parent, board treasurer, and school business manager – which helps her consider issues from different perspectives and serves as a testament to her long standing commitment to Christian education.

Tracey began her career in a large public accounting firm, specializing in audits of not-for-profit organizations, local government and public utilities. While taking some time off to raise children, she continued to serve on the boards of various not-for-profit organizations, including John Knox Christian School in Burnaby. That involvement led to her taking on the role of Business Manager at John Knox in 2014, where she continues to work part time.